R.O.V.SeaBotix LVB 300-5

LBV300-5 has become one of the world’s top MiniROV because of its high level of stability, versatility and small size. With its powerful thrusters it can work in current water but also act as carriers of various sensors.

The vehicle is established easily and quickly on any workspace. The application area is large then the craft can be used for inspection of most of the existing structures under water as well as construction, ship hulls, pipelines, reservoirs, etc.

Operations can also be performed when the vehicle is equipped with a manipulator arm which has a range of tools available. Equipped with both sonar and positioning equipment it can carry out precision work.

Download Data sheet (pdf)


Vessel Name: R.O.V SeaBotix LBV 300-5

Type: Remotely operated underwater vehicle

Activities: Inspection, observation, search and rescue, survey and minor work

Built:  2013

Wieght in air: 13 kg

Length: 0,52 m

Width: 0,44 m

Height: 0,26 m

Speed: 2,5 knots

Power requirements: 220V 1KW

Working depth: 300 m



  • 360° sonar
  • Camera 270° 680 line High resolution
  • Lights 4 x LED
  • Manipulator

Optional equipment:

  • Up to 350 m umbilical
  • Navigation system USBL