Mobile work stations

Our mobile workstations are fully equipped for diving and inspection services.
The vehicles are ideal for swift and fast mobilisation for work deploying divers.
All kind of near-shore facilities such as harbours, hydro power plants, bridges etc.
can be reached in a matter of hours.
Using live video documentation from our commercial dive teams, we can provide an
excellent visualisation of the marine environment

Our crews are all fully trained in handling equipment and safety techniques for underwater works. Using the latest communication equipment, all the necessary  information is transferred directly to the surface.

The Vehicles’ large indoor space provide ideal environment for Diving- and Survey equipment.

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Regardless of the size of our operations, our personnel are well trained technicians as well as skilled craftsmen.
Then we perform underwater tasks see the diving we merely as a means of transport to our workplaces. The primary thing is to be able to see and understand the relationship of the observations that we do, in relation to the whole of a structure or facility.


All necesarry equipment for hardhat and other diving works