Sea survey Rönne å in Ängelholm

On behalf of Ängelholm commune, Marcon Teknik has mapped the Rönne river from the outlet in Skälderviken to just north of the E6 with a multibeam sonar and LiDAR. A short presentation of the results can be found in the video below.

MTE Sjömätning Rönne å

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2019 and 2020

MTE staff
Sound Searcher



New boat for survey operations vessel APRIL 2016

In 2016, MTE has invested in a new survey operations vessel. With this new resource, the capacity increases significantly. To meet a growing demand for survey operations around Sweden  this unit has been equipped with the latest technology. Quick and effective establishment makes this unit very competitive. Feel free to download the data sheet for resources




Status assessment on quays in Köping December 2015 – March 2016

As part of Köpings port development plan MTE has performed status assessment of all commercial quays.

The work has been extensive and with high level of details.





Acoustic imaging sonar is used for tracking of anchors

Anchor Search box B SSE of Troubadour in Gothenburg. A large area was searched with sonar ranging between 30-40 meters of water.

Unfortunately, no anchors could be located at this time. Clear traces on the ground shows that there has anchored a lot of ships in the area.

Bar sweeping

As part of a increasing market for survey operations with bar sweep method, MTE has developed a successful process. We offer a complete solution for harbour- and fairway surveys with both bar sweeping and multibeam. With our mobile devices we can offer these tasks quickly to our customers around. All surveys with bar sweep and multibeam is performed according to existing governmental requirements. Bar sweeping is present carried out in one of Scandinavia’s largest RoRo and ferry port..


MTE perform bridgeinspection for the Swedish Transport Administration in Skåne , Småland and Halland. This requires specially trained personnel in Batman with high skills.

Acoustic imaging sonar conducted at 400 m berth

The project was conducted with the view of the need to get a complete overview of the quays.
Produced documentation provides an overview of high-detail quays status.

Jämtland and Gävleborg

MTE performs dam safety study in Jämtland and Gävleborg . The mission consists of acoustic imaging structures , status assessment with divers and measurements with multibeam sonar structures under water.

Pier 21 and 26 – Malmö

Checking the status and thickness of  sheet piles using  multiple echo Ultrasonic Thickness gauge from Cygnus Instruments.

Ebbesdammen – Jönköping

Inspection of the dam.

West Harbour – Helsingborg

Inspection of quay structures in the harbour of Helsingborg.

Upon completion of inspection works, the Employer is presented with a complete documentation to support further decisions regarding maintenance and repairs.

Karlshamn – technical status – quays

Karlshamn harbour has a program that includes maintenance and control of quay facilities.

Through MARCON TEKNIK ABs professional survey, the community now can use their facilities in an efficient and safe way.

Halmstad Harbour – Quay inspections

The  industrial operations in the harbour of Halmstad are completely dependant upon the high technical standards of the facilities.

Halmstad harbour can safely and effectively plan their maintenance requirements based upon the reports from inspections carried out by Marcon Teknik AB.

Helsingborg – H + office

Inspection of quay structures in the harbour of Helsingborg.

The employees of Marcon Teknik possess a vast competence and knowledge as well as the experience required to make the correct observations regarding the technical status of structures.

Raksta – MULTIBEAM – survey

The community of Tyresö had installed a sewagepipe of cast iron between Alby – Raksta.

To verify the performance of the contract, a MULTIBEAM survey was carried out using SOUND SEEKER.

Kåseberga – project- and design works

The community of Ystad wanted to improve the environmental surrondings and they also wanted to take advantage of the different fields of interest that came from fishermen and tourists.

A devoloping progress between MARCON TEKNIK AB and the community was established and the small fishing village has now been changed in an improving maner.

Trelleborg – multibeam survey

To keep track of sailing routes and thier depht is one of all important tasks a harbour is facing. Trelleborgs Harbour who are working in an active manor whith these issues, chosed MARCON TEKNIK AB to take care of this.

SOUND SEEKER, which is covering large areas in a fast way completed the wishes of our client.